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"As a school board member, you trust us to create a diverse educational space where your student is reflected.


My goal is to be transparent, accessible and accountable to you. I will strive to ensure every staff member, student and family in every neighborhood is respected, valued and represented equitably in our schools."


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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

In any hierarchical structure like the school system, the foundation is only as strong as its leaders and leaders are only effective insofar as they address problems with leadership and vision. When it comes to Pickerington schools, our system must be student focused. As a potential school board member, I would see it as my job to be the link between the school and the public. In this capacity, I believe my biggest responsibility would be as an advocate for accessibility, accountability, and camaraderie in the school and community. 

From the time I was a student in Pickerington until now, I have noticed a breakdown in the system; there has been static between the district office, staff, students, and the community. This disconnect may have occurred from being out of touch with what practically goes on in schools, poor communication, or what I believe is lack of relationship.

I live where you live, where you serve, where you work, and where you worship. I know the Pickerington you know—one built by families and schools who are passionate about the place they have chosen to call home. Like the students in our classrooms, I am always learning; whether it’s a conversation with a high school senior or the parents of elementary school students, I relish the opportunity to learn some people who interact with our district. As a school board member, I will continue to enjoy these conversations. I take pride in being open-minded and listening to others. I do not believe every decision made in theory is effective in practice; I will not make a decision for our district without first talking to those whom the decision will affect.


Talking to students during lunch periods. Attending school staff meetings. Hosting parent and community forums outside of the scheduled board meetings. This is what accessibility look like. Even the longest journeys begin by taking the first steps. As a member of the school board, I am committed to taking these steps so together we can put an end to the disconnection for the benefit of Pickerington youth.


In a city where we are supposed to be working together, I do not believe those who sit on the board should wait for the community to come to us—it is leadership who needs to be in the community and the schools. Our faces and names should be known and recognized. My track record as a leader is proven; I have spent time in Pickerington schools and know firsthand the challenges our system faces. Yes, the school board is charged with leading the public in a demanding, quality education, but we have the capacity to do so much more. It is time for us to live up to our own potential.

Pickerington has the distinct privilege of housing residents from all walks of life. There is beauty in the uniqueness and differences that make up its population. When a student walks into a Pickerington Local School, we have the responsibility of ensuring every child is celebrated, respected and welcomed for their uniqueness and differences. These attributes can only be celebrated if the culture of the school has been crafted in such a way to do so.  From curriculum to accessible resources, every student should be given a fair and a fighting chance to succeed from the moment they first walk into a kindergarten classroom until they toss their cap at graduation.
As a school board member, I will dedicate myself to creating an equitable environment for all students to ensure that every student has the opportunity to live up to their potential and thrive. This means that students get something better than an equal playing field; they get what they need to be successful. Equity is about creating a district where differences are understood and celebrated;  it shouldn’t
matter if your student is a visual learner or an auditory learner, comes from a below average income or an above average income home, has some challenges with academics, or is a straight A student … every single one of these children deserve the right to be educated and have an educational experience based on their uniqueness and differences.
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​I believe the district should not be uniform, but united. All students are unique puzzle pieces that all fit together to make something beautiful. I will strive to create a district where it is not a one-size fits all, but the right fit for each size.
Through mentoring at the high school this past year, there is one lesson that stood out to me the most: Transparency is key. At the moment I decided to be transparent, open and honest with the students about my life and the decisions made for the betterment of the group, they trusted me. There is a fundamental truth about transparency and that is, when people feel as though you are not hiding anything from them or making them feel as if they are unworthy of the truth, they trust you a bit more. When you marry transparency with effective communication, a space is created where clear and fair decisions can be made and change can occur.

As parents, you trust us with one of your greatest gifts, your child. This trust contracts us to make decisions on behalf of them that will positively affect their experience while at school. I believe no major decisions that will effect your student's safety, education, or educational experience should be made without the input of parents, staff and students. It truly takes a community to raise a child, and those who are leading the community should be open, understanding and forever evolving. There is power when people move in the same direction.


Comments from Christian

Why are you running for elected office?

I am running for this office again because, unfortunately, I have not seen much positive change in the district. I will even venture to say it has arguably gotten worse. Families in our district are discouraged. They do not feel heard, respected or cared for by the current representation, and our students, staff, and community are suffering as a result. 

I echo the Matriots belief: “... not to act is to act.” If I did not make the choice to run, I am not confident that the current structure would be challenged to make real changes. 

What experiences have prepared you for the position you are seeking?

I have a strong educational and professional background in education along with a solid understanding of our local/regional education system. I graduated from PLSD, and I have worked with students as a substitute teacher, an in-home tutor, and a mentor within the district for a combination of over 20 years of experience.


These opportunities helped me understand not only the strengths and challenges of our school system, but also the home-life situations that can directly influence a student’s chance at academic success. I have experienced this personally. My background in education, and my years as a high school mentor led me to initially run for School Board in 2019. That experience provided invaluable knowledge and insight of local politics. 

My two previous campaign experiences will also help me navigate not only the campaign process, but also the relationships and interpersonal aspects of serving in office and the community. 

What is the responsibility of a school board member?

What is the role of a school board member? What are their jobs and responsibilities? Often times we appoint people into positions without actually knowing what they do.


I want to earn your vote, but first I want you to be properly informed on what you are voting. Should I receive your vote in November, it should be because you believe I can uphold the responsibilities charged to me so you can work with me and hold me accountable for these duties.

Please follow these links to better understand the school board and its role:

Please follow these links to better understand the school board and it's role: